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Can We Really Just Say No?

Can We Really Just Say No?

Growing up we always heard the phrase "Just Say No," when it came to drugs, alcohol or sex. Our schools would have programs about not falling into peer pressure, or doing something we aren't comfortable with. 

Now that I am older I have learned another meaning for "Just Say No," and that is for when we are asked to do something we don't want to do run everyday life. An example is when a friend asks you to do something and you aren't in the mood it is okay to say no. If you are asked to do an errand for someone and you have a million other things going on you aren't a horrible person for saying no.

I have learned that the hard way over the last few years. I am the type of person to try and make everyone happy even if it ends up hurting me in the end. We aren't taught to say no in daily life activities like we are when it comes to what people consider bad things such as alcohol and drugs. 

There have been times that I have said yes to someone because I thought it was the right thing to do and in the end, it bit me in the ass because I would run myself ragged. It was a vicious cycle until I learned that it is my choice if I want to do something or not and I shouldn't feel guilty if I have to say no.

I talked to my friends who often feel the same way and I wanted to take the time to write about it because saying no is an important life lesson that everyone at every age should learn. Being a "Yes" person isn't always a good thing because it shows people that you are a doormat and they can take advantage. There needs to be a happy medium when it comes to saying yes or no.


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