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Pros & Cons of Social Media: What do you Think?

Pros & Cons of Social Media: What do you Think?

        Social media has become a major player in today’s society. Its presence is only getting stronger and more needed as time goes on, which can be good and bad depending on how you look at it. It has been helpful, but has also been a hinderance as I have been promoting my book.
         I find it scary how young kids are today that know so much about social media and technology. As time goes on the kids are getting younger and younger. I always joke that they will come out of the womb with an iPhone.
         On the other hand, Social media can serve a greater purpose for anyone from a small business to a large corporation. It can be nice to be able to control a part of your business and know exactly what is going on.
        I have listed 3 pros and 3 cons of social media that I have learned.
•    Helps to get businesses and brands out into the public
When you are just starting out and have no idea where to start most people will tell you to set up social media accounts and a website. It helps to get your name in the public eye, especially if you are going regularly update. My dad is a business owner and I just started building a brand. I am finally getting the hang of this myself for both of us. 

•    Businesses or Brands can reach a wider audience
Before social media businesses and brands had to reach people organically either through cold calling, references, or a few other ways. Now through social media, you have a huge audience at your fingertips with great content and a click of a button.  Along with a huge audience, you have a great networking source with like-minded people.

•    Great way to promote loyalty to your customers and your audience
With social media, you can have quick and easy contact with everyone in your audience. They leave a comment. You can reply right back. They message you and you can message them with a response. It’s very important to not leave your audience high and dry when using social media. They want to know you are real and not spamming them. Another great way to do this is to every so often comment on your follower's posts to show that you are there and to keep your business and brand in their minds. 

    We have seen some great pros to having social media. It seems like a great thing to have, why would it be bad? I thought the same thing at first.

I have listed 3 cons to using social media

•    Social Media is always changing
As we can see there are many social media platforms, which can be great but at the same time, it can be a con because they are always becoming less popular and news platforms are taking over. Once you finally learn how to use Facebook for business, for example, Twitter comes into play and now you have to master Twitter.
•    Takes a lot of time and energy
Using social media for marketing, or to keep yourself out in the public takes a lot of time and energy especially if you don’t hire someone to do just that. First, you always have to learn everything you can about social media, and then you have to try out different platforms to see if it works and you have to work at it all the time. You think it’s just social media and it is no big deal, but in reality, it takes longer than writing this blog post. 
•    It’s an open forum
 With Freedom of Speech and the being able to hide behind a computer screen lets people say whatever they want without consequence. It could be someone looking at the company’s Facebook page and didn’t like something so they decide to write a nasty review. You just have to hope your audience and customers will write real, honest reviews. 

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